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Monday, June 20, 2011

Livin' the Dream!

     Last Christmas we found ourselves a good way.  Mike and I were homeless in the sense that we no longer owned a home.  We have awesome family that allowed us to live with them for a couple weeks as we prepared to move to Serbia.  Our daughter, Tara, arrived at the house, her car  packed to the hilt with everything she would need for the holidays.  As we helped her unload, we told her it looked as if she had been living out of her car.  Her reply was "Just livin' the dream".  She said that she thought it would be fun traveling around and living out of her car.  I suppose a number of college students might think that and I, too was experiencing a strange sense of freedom.  We didn't have much left in the way of material possessions and all of a sudden life had become quite simplified.  And somehow in the mix of all of that, "livin' the dream" became our catchphrase.    
     So what does your dream look like?  That if you were anywhere doing anything right now kind of dream.  If I were to be totally honest, I would never have said my dream would be to live in Serbia.  I only learned where Serbia was a little over a year ago.  And why do our dreams usually consist of being in a beautiful place, living a leisurely life with no worries.  I suppose that is what makes it a DREAM - not a REALITY.   Dreams can be a place of comfort and peace...the place we run to when life gets hard.
    And Jesus said, "run to me all who are burdened and heavy laden and I will give you rest."  Nothing wrong with dreaming... just remember where our real sense of comfort and peace comes from.  Dreams are where we can let our imaginations run wild and think way outside the box but if not kept in check, dreams can be the breeding ground for discontent.
     I'm probably not "livin' the dream" by alot of people's standards.  And although I am living in Europe there is nothing glamourous about my lifestyle.  But if livin' the dream is measured in terms of peace, fullfilment and satisfaction, then I am living it.  

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